Fan-Favorite Character Returns to 'Game of Thrones' This Week

A peculiar group has been gathering at Dragonstone on Game of Thrones.

And, as Game of Thrones fans know, there's a very good reason why this meeting is important: because they're aunt and nephew.

Anyone whose childhood ever involved a horribly dispelled moment of make-believe, like a grown up casting doubt on the interstellar capacity of your cardboard spaceship, will find it hard not to cringe in empathy when Jon Snow, asks, rather pathetically, "So you believe me, then, about the Night King and the Army of the Undead". This conversation starts with Varys having the upper hand, nearly gloating at his continued relevance to power now that Melisandre's job of bringing ice and fire together is complete.

Furthermore, the things the show is glossing over in favor of spending more time on thrilling action or much-needed conversations are things we don't necessarily need to see. She's literally the Mother of Dragons. There was plenty of playful self-referential (and perhaps self-deprecating) humour in the script this week, from addressing Dany's ludicrously long title, to Jon's unparalleled brooding stance, to Tyrion's penchant for passing his own words off as ancient wisdom. So how does Jon go about convincing Daenerys that the undead are near? Euro, produces his gift to the Queen Cersei and requests one thing, to which she promises it after the war. And that has never been more evident.

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The creators of Game of Thrones are accustomed to killing off beloved characters - you're still not over Hodor, admit it - but that doesn't make it any less bitter when we have to say goodbye.

Cersei's day isn't over as she descends to the dungeon to face both Ellaria and Tyene, her goal to decide on how to snuff out the life of Ellaria's daughter.

King's Landing was much more overstated with showboat Euron Greyjoy gloating about his victories.

Now, even the Iron Bank of Braavos is getting jumpy. For a show known for its enormously expensive battle scenes, little screen time is devoted to these table-turning military victories: Tyrion talks us through the Casterly Rock seank attack, while all we see of the Highgarden assault is a marching army of Lannister red and its brutal aftermath.

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It's just like the old days. Both were shunned by their families but rose to power despite the odds.

In the third episode of Game of Thrones Season 7, Lannisters are finally going to know the name of King Joffrey's murderer. For all the toxins, it's a deservedly classy exit for Diana Rigg; some eye-for-an-eye vengefulness, gratefully spared from sadistic excess.

It's a meeting that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have been excited to unveil for years. The HBO series has carried on that fine tradition, stacking each episode full of callbacks to previous moments in the show and unspoken minutiae that often carries serious importance. The dragonstone is a bridge to help unite their objectives.

After last week's wince-inducing surgery scene, Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent) examine the seemingly Greyscale-free Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen).

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