Why Blake Lively doesn't want you to call her ideal

Axelle  Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Axelle Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

She revealed that she and Reynolds never work at the same time so one parent can always be with their daughters, James and Inez, while the other is filming, but filming is still a family affair, meaning she and the babies are up in Vancouver with Reynolds while he films Deadpool 2. And that's why we're so charmed to hear that some of the hilarious parenting tweets from Ryan Reynolds are run past his wife, Blake Lively, before they're blasted onto the internet.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, the actress said that she and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, are doing everything they can to ensure their two girls will grow up to be independent women. "And I treat him like my girlfriend", Blake said of the actor, who she met on the set of their movie Green Lantern in 2010. Because I guess she thinks we're all intensely dense, or whatever.

Netflix drama '13 Reasons Why' linked to suicidal thoughts
Some mental health advocates say the show glamorized suicide , and many US schools sent parents warning letters about the show. As a result, he is proposing that Netflix postpone the second season of 13RY until the proper changes can be made.

Lively went on to reveal that the 2016 presidential election helped her be more aware of many areas, especially sexism.

The former Gossip Girl actress said she prefers to say she is in love with Reynolds "most of the time" rather than "all the time" to protect herself from people who assume her life is flawless.

FAA ordered to reconsider regulating airline seat size
Airlines have progressively reduced the space between seat rows in an attempt to increase the number of seats. The spokesman for the FAA, Ian Gregor, said that the agency was considering its next steps.

She added: "Not all men, but a subsection of men, have a desire to understand and control women". You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Lively recently admitted that each of her husband's hilarious musings about their two daughters make her fall in love with him a little bit more every time he posts. Marriage (and life, for that matter) is a challenge with its ups and down-even if you're Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. "I have to learn to stop being defensive". In September 2012, the couple tied the knot in SC and they are now parents to daughters, James, two, and Ines, who turns one in September. It upset me. This is how I feel. "He treats me like his best buddy".

Microsoft kills off its Word Flow keyboard, promotes SwiftKey instead
The software giant has pulled Word Flow from the App Store, telling users to give its other, better-known keyboard a try. The team included auto-correct and auto-complete features that it felt were better than Apple's own digital keyboard.

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