Be sure to protect your eyes during the solar eclipse

Be sure to protect your eyes during the solar eclipse

Be sure to protect your eyes during the solar eclipse

This will be the first coast-to-coast "totality" in the United States in 99 years, though, most recently out of the 20th century's dozen America solar eclipses, Hawaii had a total eclipse in 1991 and the Pacific Northwest had one in 1979.

The map shows the swath along the path of total eclipse, where the sun will be fully covered, in blue ranging from deep to light.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the view of the sun.

Some business aircraft flights may be affected by the total solar eclipse that will occur on August 21, said Heidi Williams, NBAA's director of air traffic services and infrastructure.

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In Canada, where we'll only see a partial solar eclipse for the entire duration, this won't matter quite as much. Everyone above 96th Street saw totality - when the moon completely covers the disk of the sun - and everyone below did not. "We'll come around one more time and from the station side we'll see about an 85 percent eclipse of the sun looking up (at 4:17pm)". The glasses look like the old-fashioned 3D glasses worn to see 3D movies. During an eclipse, astronomers get an exceptional chance to study the photosphere "just up to a hundred miles from the sun's surface", she said. The last bead gleams so brightly around the moon's silhouette, as the sun's spiky corona becomes visible, that the eclipse looks like a diamond ring in the sky.

However, it's essential that anyone planning to watch the eclipse gets proper eye protection. David Baron, science reporter and author of "American Eclipse", said. For more information, see and

Adler Planetarium Director of Public Observing Michelle Nichols discusses the upcoming total solar eclipse at McHenry County College Tuesday, Aug. 8. The time of maximum coverage will be just after 2:30 - I've heard 2:39 p.m. here.

It's known in the trade as solar blindness or solar retinopathy - not total blindness, rather more like age-related macular degeneration, where you have trouble reading or recognizing faces, or lose those abilities altogether.

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Several libraries are giving away the glasses for free.

Definitely check out our TWN livestream, on TV and on the web, as we expect to be sending back footage from the path of totality, but there are also opportunities to perform some cool science during the eclipse.

NASA will also be taking high-definition images and measurements of visible and infrared light from two WB-57 jet planes flying over the path of totality in Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee. This only happens about every 6 months, such as August 2017 when the moon is on the line of nodes.

For DSLR cameras, the best way to determine the correct exposure is to test settings on the uneclipsed Sun beforehand. Only use a telescope or binoculars if they are fitted with reliable solar filters created to fit directly on the instruments and the operator knows how to use them.

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If you haven't placed an order yet - or your glasses are arriving after the solar eclipse - don't panic yet. You can also make a nice pinhole projector inside a box, such as a large cereal box or shipping box.

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