Game of Thrones S07E04: A ghost at Winterfell?

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Game of Thrones S07E04: A ghost at Winterfell?

Now, this is what I call epic TV. At the same time, still have that slight spark somewhere in there where you know this is Bran Stark. And he wanted folks to know that the White Walkers marching against humankind from the North are, in series world, the ball on which eyes must be kept. "Or they've got to go get their own dragon eggs and build a big fire!", he said. I don't think he believed it.

He was speaking at a promotional appearance at the Michigan Avenue AT&T store Friday night, an event that looked like a segment of Comic-Con teleported to the Magnificent Mile. "It's a pretty picture", Sansa said before walking away. It was fun for them, it was fun for us to see them work together, and same with Isaac when they all got together. That has been his destiny from day one; this is where his story arc has been leading up to from the moment he got pushed out of that tower. He's not a huge fan of working in Northern Ireland's cold, clammy climate, and his best friend is Dean-Charles Chapman, who played Tommen Baratheon, the suicidal king.

It's also had a shattering impact on Bran's personality. That was not as intended, but I think you will also get clarity on that later. "I think it's most shocking for Sansa and Arya to see what Bran is like", Wright explained, "because they still have fundamentally the same character traits as they did when they were young: Arya is this spunky, fierce girl, and Sansa is this diplomatic lady". "And this puts him in, like, the NSA's position". (It belongs to Littlefinger.) In return, Bran quotes back a Littlefinger maxim, "Chaos is a ladder", which completely unnerves him.

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Furthermore, it appears that seeing so much sorrow and pain throughout history, and being tasked with stopping the White Walkers, has made it hard for Bran to get worked up about any one person's individual concerns or emotions. "He's just sort of indicating to Littlefinger that he knows what's going on".

On why Jaime made a decision to attack a grounded Drogon, the actor said, "Jaime is such an idiot that he thinks for a second, 'If I can do this, I can win the whole thing in a Hail Mary". "There's no way he can outfox Bran on that". Jon's is the only heavy-handed mantra more tiresome than Dany's insistence that he "bend the knee" to her, and yet she finally agrees - providing he "bend the knee".

Sure, Bran may have made it out of Season 6's "The Door" alive, but it certainly looks like our little lord left a piece of himself behind.

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"That said, we've been waiting for this to happen since the beginning", he continued.

IGN: For a lot of these reunions, especially Sansa and Arya, these are characters that people have wanted to see back together since they split up back in Season 1.

Sandor "The Hound" Clegane (Rory McCann) for killing Arya's friend Micah (though in Season 6, Episode 3 she didn't kill him when she had the chance, she just left him for dead).

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