Parents urged to warn kids against deadly 'Hot Water Challenge'



Water's boiling point is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. A single, very graphic video that purports to show a girl throwing boiling water on her brother, and the resultant burns and scarring has been circulating, but it's old, and it's not clear that it shows a Hot Water Challenge so much as a badly misjudged prank.

On Monday, Jamoneisha Merritt, an 11-year-old girl from the Bronx, was burnt and possibly disfigured when her friends threw boiling hot water on her during a sleepover, NY1 reported. "HOOOT!" and a few from earlier this year showing kids putting their hands under very hot tap water, but nearly none with boiling water - and, significantly, none with more than a handful of views.

She suffered injuries on her face and chest. It's gained popularity among children, but can result in severe injury and even death.

Last week, an 11-year-old girl was at a friend's house for a sleepover in the Bronx borough of NY, when the joyous event turned grave.

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Although there were rumors that the two girls were "best friends", Jamoneisha's mother, Ebony, said that the 12-year-old and her other friends actually bullied her daughter in the past.

When 8-year-old Ki'ari Pope's cousin dared her to sip boiling water through a straw back in March, she obliged. Pope needed a tracheotomy, and the burns caused the serious respiratory problems that killed her this month.

The girl's aunt Diane Johnson told local media: "Parents, talk to your kids about these challenges". And they just been bullying her.

And know how your kids are using this technology, how they're consuming it, and what it's doing to them in terms of attitude changes. The page explained the girls got the idea from a YouTube video.

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Warnings against the "Hot Water Challenge" are ramping up in the wake of Merritt's case going viral.

"Unfortunately, this is part of the digital era we live in", says Julie Romanowski, a Vancouver-based parenting expert who specializes in behaviour.

According to the Burn Foundation, it only takes three seconds for water heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to induce a third-degree burn. "They also need to know how their child is using technology and whether there's an addiction forming". It's unlikely high schools in America will need to ban hot water anytime soon.

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