Solar eclipse on August 21 will affect PV plants across USA

A view of the eclipsed sun through eclipse glasses

A view of the eclipsed sun through eclipse glasses

If you're staying in the Boston area, Schneider said the eclipse will feel like going outside when the sun is covered by very thin clouds - a definite dimming, but not almost as drastic as it will be within the path.

The viewing event will take place rain or shine, and even if there's still smoke in the air.

At the beginning and end of totality we may see the sun shining through one or more craters on the edge of the moon, looking like a diamond ring in the sky. The CSUF eclipse chasers plan to livestream the event on the Department of Physics Facebookpage. I'm also excited about seeing the sun's corona - the outermost atmosphere of the sun, which is visible only during the total solar eclipse. "The problem is, we don't know if they're safe or not because they haven't been properly tested".

It should be remembered that though the Moon and covers the Sun, it does not mean that the phenomenon can be observed without special instruments.

After Baily's Beads disappear, you enter the most exciting part of an eclipse: Totality.

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Remember, you can not substitute sunglasses for solar viewing glasses and if you look directly at the eclipse with your naked eyes, you may cause serious eye damage.

"It's definitely not safe just to look at it with binoculars or a telescope", Bridges said.

You'll need to travel to Georgia's most northeastern counties, including Union and Rabun, to see the total eclipse. Also, pinhole cameras can be used to shield your eyes from the sun.

It is also important to take advantage of the unbelievable opportunity to inform a huge population about the science behind the event.

Scientists are equally excited. While it's unlikely that your dog or cat will have a remarkable reaction to the Great American Eclipse, pet lovers might enjoy observing how animals in the wild or even the neighborhood do unusual things.

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And, because we live in a world where some people really do still believe that the Earth is flat, NASA scientists also fielded questions on that front.

One interesting part to all this is the fact that the United States gets another chance in seven years to maximise the opportunities that the eclipse brings.

The solar eclipse occurs when the sun, the moon and the Earth forms a straight line.

Failing to protect your eyes when watching the eclipse can cause blindness because the radiation can destroy the photoreceptors in your retina, said Dr. V. Nicholas Batra, an ophthalmologist and president of the California Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons. Read the original article.

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