Where, and how, to watch the solar eclipse


Advice from an eye doctor on viewing the eclipse safely

Public libraries, schools, nature centers and even optometrists throughout McHenry County have organized educational sessions and safe viewing events to make the "Great American Eclipse", as it's been named, accessible to all. But people in 12 states - in a 70-mile-wide swath from OR to SC - will experience a total eclipse.

"It is odd, because if its a clear day and the sun is out, you're going to have nice crisp shadows that look like its the middle of the day but it becomes more and more like twilight", Truska said. When the moon is directly between Earth and the sun, the sun and moon's gravitational tidal force causes the earth's crust to bulge out about 40 millimeters. It's just part of the solar eclipse that will cross America coast to coast for the first time in 100 years.

A solar eclipse is an unbelievable sight to take in - just make sure you do so safely. "Awe-inspiring sights encourage empathy and generosity and group cohesion. and total eclipses always do that".

He says this time around, he'll watch the eclipse on TV. That the moon is an irregular body, and especially along the edge, along the outer rim during an eclipse, there are going to be mountains and valleys, and so depending on where the sun disappears from where you are, maybe it disappears behind a mountain, in which case the eclipse starts early for you.

I know it takes will power, but don't look at it.

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They say mom was right: You can damage your eyes staring at the sun, even the slimmest sliver of it.

The problem is that no pair of sunglasses is dark enough to block the sun's harmful rays. Because there are no pain receptors in the retina, damage can occur without any sensation of pain. Just do not forget to wear safety glasses.

Teachers are getting ready to safely view the eclipse with pinhole viewers and glasses made to view the eclipse.

For those in Washington not making the journey through soon-to-be jammed highways down to OR, you won't completely miss out as the sun, moon and planet earth align. Very civilized. I won't bore you with the details of the eclipse itself, as you can find all the information you want, in excruciating detail, on the internet.

And finally, try your local library for eclipse viewing parties.

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"It's a big event".

"So we got together one weekend and brainstormed and came up with the outline", said Runyon, who has partnered with Hurd on other space-related Braille books. But the crew will be able to see the umbra, where the eclipse is total, near the southern horizon. What makes it so "great" and so "American"?

NASA plans to provide four hours of eclipse coverage, starting at noon EDT, on the agency's satellite television channel, in web streams and via social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. A total solar eclipse is a rare educational experience that doesn't cost anything, and that kids won't likely soon forget.

The eclipse isn't just a couple of moments in the dark in the middle of the day. Stars also can appear.

NASA suggests you prepare ahead of time to get the best photos.

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The total solar eclipse path cuts across northeast Kansas, including Wyandotte County.

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