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Source Live 5

Pages for products such as "MASCOTKING Solar Eclipse Glasses 2017 - CE and ISO Certified Safe Shades for Direct Sun Viewing - Eye Protection" and others that the company hasn't been able to verify as coming from a recommended manufacturer have been removed from the site.

Destinations that offer easy highway access have an advantage in bad weather: You can drive elsewhere to seek clear skies.

Though Chicago is expected to see only a partial eclipse, with 87 percent of the sun covered, it will be the closest the city has been to the path of totality since 1925.

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Here's what will happen in Statesville, according to NASA: At 1:12 p.m., the moon will begin to cross in front of the sun, and the partial eclipse will begin. Eclipse cartographers have been hard at work, too: Xavier Jubier's Google Map and Michael Zeiler of's handy web app are also worth investigating. You get to see the sun's may get to see some of the "prominences".

Still, the entire state of Iowa will be darkened about one o'clock that afternoon by a partial eclipse.

It's known in the trade as solar blindness or solar retinopathy - not total blindness, rather more like age-related macular degeneration, where you have trouble reading or recognizing faces, or lose those abilities altogether. The result? An eerie, silvery atmosphere. With your back to the sun, look at your hands' shadow on the ground. "The air gets cool". The City of Statesville itself won't be inside a path of totality for an eclipse until 2645, so don't wait around for that one.

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It's inevitable that people who would otherwise disagree about everything will gather together for the total solar eclipse - some might even weep and howl together in the shadow of the moon.

One fascinating thing about eclipses is that they occur in pairs. From mere seconds to over 2 minutes and 35 seconds (depending on where you are in the area) you may see something like this...

However, state transportation departments are, at present, planning strategies to avoid problems on the road when people in their cars ultimately decide to pull over and view the eclipse. The moon will slowly and silently creep over the disk of the sun. If you have binoculars, look around the edges for bright red solar flares - called prominences - on the surface of the sun. "Because we expect gridlock, we don't want to add bottlenecks that slow traffic further", said David House, a spokesman with Oregon DOT's Motor Carrier Transportation Division told Transport Topics. The path of totality will also cut across broad swaths of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee, along with corners of Kansas, Georgia and North Carolina, and a tiny chip of Iowa.

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To the naked eye, it is hard to perceive the moon blocking the sun most of the time because of the sheer amount of light the sun gives off. Regulus - the brightest star in the constellation of Leo - will be a little to the left of the sun and the moon, and visible to those using binoculars or a small telescope. Bailey's beads appear to the top-right until another diamond ring flashes for a split second. In fact, there is a massive difference even between a 99% partial eclipse to a 100% total eclipse. "The last total eclipse was 1979 (in Hawaii), so I don't know if historical data can be modeled". The spectacle is over, and everyone asks the same question: when is the next eclipse? You experience the total solar eclipse. As a trade-off, those who witness Totality will not experience such dramatic darkness.

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