Anti-Racists Are Trying To Dox Charlottesville Racists And Get Them Fired

Pro free-speech protesters on the Boston Common in May 2017

Pro free-speech protesters on the Boston Common in May 2017

Yes, You're Racist is taking on the daunting task of digging through the internet to expose the men behind this weekend's violent white nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, which has left three dead and 35 injured.

Cole White White Nationalist fired from his post at Berkely's Top Dog after being publicly outed on social media. The social media account then said it was the Cole White who was an employee of Top Dog.

A spokesman told reporters they would be releasing a full statement tomorrow but "for now, we feel it is imperative to let you know that Cole White is no longer employed by Top Dog, LLC".

Since the rally kicked off and violence ignited, Twitter users have been identifying and shaming white nationalists in attendance. "We believe in individual freedom and voluntary association for everyone" - the poster read.

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- Yes, You're Racist (@YesYoureRacist) August 12, 2017Not eating at Top Dog in Berkeley if they're going to employ nazis.

Several hours after identifying Cvjetanovic, a news team in his local Reno, Nevada confirmed the photo was of him.

The "Yes, You're Racist" page also featured shots of James Fields, the 20-year-old of OH who allegedly rammed his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of demonstrators, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring more than 20.

"It is not ideal; there are flaws to it, of course".

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"Robert E Lee is a great example of that".

Cvjetanovic, who traveled to Charlottesville to show is disapproval over the removal of the statue, also defended his white supremacist beliefs.

"As a white nationalist, I care for all people".

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