Chelsea, Thanks For Nemanja Matic, Wonderful Gesture - Former Manchester United Star

Man United's Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba are ecstatic after their team’s third goal against West Ham United yesterday. Pic  AFP

Man United's Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba are ecstatic after their team’s third goal against West Ham United yesterday. Pic AFP

Two home-debut goals from Romelu Lukaku, combined with strikes from Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba, meant United kicked off their season opener in style.

The Red Devils landed the Community Shield, League Cup and Europa League last term, but could only finish sixth during a disappointing Premier League campaign.

Following Matic's impressive outing against the Hammers, Neville tweeted his take on the deal, calling the transfer a "wonderful gesture" from Chelsea towards their title rivals. My dedication to my job is always at the maximum, even more now than when I started, and I believe at the end of the season we will see the results. They will be like new players for us at some point. Our challenge is to keep this level of results and confidence levels.

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"He's a player of, I think, now 29 last week - 29 years old, with five years or so in the Premier League, lots of experience".

Many commented that United have need players like Lukaku and Matic for years.

"But I was not thinking of it because I always thought I never like to go to players that I think are an impossible mission, and I felt there was no chance". The win was good - four goals and a clean sheet - we've started well so now we have to keep going.

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Jose Mourinho reveals that he is extremely confident of leading Manchester United to a successful campaign.

Chris Tom was pleasantly surprised that someone he thought would be a "bad buy runs the show" adding that Matic is a "maestro".

View from the opposition dug-out - Slaven Bilic: "I expected more, of course, but I have to admit they were a much better side in every aspect of the game. It's very hard to find any positives now when you lose 4-0".

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