Clues in Eastwatch Trailer You Should Pay Attention To

Clues in Eastwatch Trailer You Should Pay Attention To

Clues in Eastwatch Trailer You Should Pay Attention To

Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5 titled Eastwatch will be aired August 13 on HBO and HBO Canada at 9 pm ET.

So now Gendry's joined Team Jon, which has had a few upgrades after this episode, but more on that later.

Things you missed in "The Spoils of War".


Gendry, who's to Game of Thrones as The Russian was to The Sopranos (or in Simpsons speak, "When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?!?"), hasn't been on the show since season three. After losing our minds at the sheer awesomeness of the episode, fans have left been wondering what exactly the show had in store for Bronn and Jaime as their fates were left rather ambiguous. They lay on the ground, looking at one another.

Cersei basically calls Jaime a bitch: "So we fight and die or we submit and die".

Meanwhile, Tyrion walks across a field of ashes and looks really concerned about what this means for Daenerys' future.

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While Daenerys tried to observe (but couldn't see because Drogon is a big boy), Jon approached and petted the dragon. She is not here to murder.

Daenerys is not his queen. While he was being led away, however, Dickon stepped up and also refused. Don't kill them yet. Was he the victim of his own hubris as he tried to charge Daenerys (and, er, her MASSIVE dragon) only to be tackled from his horse into a nearby river and drown in his heavy armour? She commands the dragon to breathe fire on the two.

Her aged companion bended the knee, asking if he could serve her once more. Jaime is not done counting.

There hasn't been any discussion yet about how helpful the dragons might be in this situation, but we're dealing with just one magical entity at a time I suppose.

They will not survive. That gives him a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne... which Cersei Lannister will totally honor, right? If they should resist, she promised that they would die - something that Tyrion was a little unsure about. Jaime tells her that Lady Tyrell was the one who killed their son. And she's obviously not going to submit.

But now Gendry is back, and fighting on Jon Snow's side.

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It is now understood that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna and hid her away in Dorne, although what happened then remains unclear, and it has been speculated that Scolding and Franciosi may appear together in a scene that shows the two characters getting married. He is scared but carefully extends his hand to touch the dragon who always him to. Cooperation and compromise have nearly never worked for the characters on the drama, if they had been attempted at all (see Theon's betrayal, the Red Wedding, etc). She is happy to see him.

Once again, we stress that all of this is just rumour, and it could all turn out to be bullshit. It would be her honor.

As word breaks out about what Jon intends to do, Arya watches as the Lords of the North rethink their decision to name Jon as their king.

Bran is having a vision by the tree.

If the sea is frozen, the army of the dead could find a way to get around the Wall. Afterward, he sends ravens out to warn everyone. He pleads with them. Lord Varys tells Tyrion he needs to talk some sense into her. Tyrion wants to know what it says.

As Jon admired the beast, Daenerys attempted to press the King of the North on Davos's comments at their introduction. They discuss what they need to do about Cersei. We realized that Davos could either be sitting, waiting by the boat, twiddling his thumbs or he could go and look for the guy who ended up being nearly like a surrogate son to him.

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