Rauner urges lawmakers to let his school-funding veto stand

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner discusses Senate Bill 1 with the Northwest Herald editorial board and reporters on Thursday Aug. 3 2017 in Crystal Lake. The bill would rewrite Illinois’ Broken Education Funding Fo

Chicago schools budget counts on uncertain funding

The veto stripped Chicago schools of hundreds of millions of dollar. It redistributed funds and Rauner is promoting that almost every district would get more money under his plan.

Democrats in the Legislature, which ended a two-year stalemate by approving a budget over Rauner's objections in July, included a provision in the budget about school funding.

Sen. Bill Haine (D-Alton) issued this statement after voting to override the veto: "Senate Bill 1 is the most scrutinized bill in recent state history". "Let the kids go to school and the legislators take the fight back to the state capitol, but what they shouldn't do is use the kids as pawns if they can't figure out between themselves how to fund education".

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"The Senate's vote today makes clear that, for many, the school funding debate is all about politics and power - when it should be about IL children's future". Decatur school leaders have said the district's reserves should hold out until mid-November, and the district leaders would consider borrowing money after that.

Rauner used an amendatory veto to substantially change the legislation which devised an "evidence-based" funding model.

Earlier on Sunday, the governor called on lawmakers to uphold his veto saying in part, "The numbers show my plan is better for the state, making education funding fair and equitable for the first time in IL".

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"There's no question that overriding Rauner's veto was the right thing to do".

A key to Manar's plan is the "hold harmless" stipulation, which ensures no less funding than past year.

"The way the original bill treated Chicago was not beneficial to the district I represent", Wehrli said.

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"No real action. Our kids deserve better", said Governor Bruce Rauner. "Doing so will enable him to be a part of a meaningful, historic reform effort in IL, rather than someone who was relegated to the sidelines". It provides millions of additional dollars for Metro East schools, and for the first time in almost two decades gives them much-needed stability from year to year. The formula would then feed money to schools based on what each district needs to provide an "adequate" education. Rauner said the grant is a "bailout" for the cash-strapped school district and unfair to the other 850 school districts in the state. "It shows that for years the state has been sending money to Chicago at the expense of the rest of the state", Rauner said. It will be updated.

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