World champion weightlifter dies after sickening street brawl with MMA fighter

World champion weightlifter dies after sickening street brawl with MMA fighter

World champion weightlifter dies after sickening street brawl with MMA fighter

A graphic video surfaced online showing a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter beating up a champion weightlifter on the streets. Ziranov is reportedly well-trained in MMA and has even competed professionally.

In the video, the MMA fighter lands a spinning wheel kick to the head of Drachev.

According to local reports, Drachev was involved in another fight prior to the street brawl.

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A criminal case was opened against the employees of Rosgvardia, right in front of whose eyes the World and European champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev was being beaten, in Khabarovsk during the investigation of the resonant murder of the athlete.

Drachev, in addition to winning silver at the world power-lifting championships in 2011, was also a champion fighter in his native Russian Federation. Even more surprising: The brawl reportedly occurred at 7 a.m., outside a cafe in southeastern Russian Federation.

The Sun reported today that two witnesses attempted to stop the altercation but Drachev died from his injuries and Allakhveranov was arrested by police.

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According to preliminary data, the cause of death was a craniocerebral injury. As a result, another fight took place between them, during which Anar Aliyar ogly Allakhveranov struck several blows on the head of the fallen Drachev, after which he died on the spot.

Earlier this year, the 32-year-old Drachev entered the Bodybuilding Championship of the Primorsky region for the first time and claimed first place in the category "Extreme Bodybuilding".

Andrey Drachyov was the 2008 junior powerlifting world champion and took the silver world championship medal at the senior level in 2011.

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