Woman who had her IVF paid for by George Michael gives birth

Woman who had her IVF paid for by George Michael gives birth

Woman who had her IVF paid for by George Michael gives birth

Lynette Gillard, 38, had struggled to conceive for 13 years and went on the popular game show in 2008 in the hope of winning money for fertility treatment.

And it turned out that George had been watching the episode and chose to anonymously donate £9,000 to her by tracking her down through Channel 4 bosses.

Two-week-old Seth Hart even has George as his middle name in tribute.

Woman who had her IVF paid for by George Michael gives birth

Lynette told The Sun on Sunday: "I found out I was pregnant on the day he died".

"He believed in me and gave me hope to keep trying even when I felt it was useless".

Lynette went through nine rounds of IVF in total thanks to George's generous gift, which he gave on condition that he would remain the anonymous benefactor throughout his life.

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The condition was treated, but the ninth round of IVF failed.

Almost ten years later, she has given birth to a healthy baby boy with the help of George's generous gift - and named her son after the famous singer who sadly passed away in December 2016.

Gillard fell pregnant naturally just before she was due to commence a final round of IVF.

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There were countless other stories of the singer's generosity revealed following the music legend's passing. Lynette said: "I'm sure when he grows up Seth will look up to George as an inspiration".

He'd secretly written a cheque for £25,000 for a sobbing stranger in a cafe who was in awful debt with one condition - the waitress had to hand over the cheque when he left.

He also secretly worked in a homeless shelter and donated millions of pounds to Childline over the years. He died of natural causes.

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