'It's a vagina' Natalie Morales refuses to be demeaned by paps

'It's a vagina' Natalie Morales refuses to be demeaned by paps

'It's a vagina' Natalie Morales refuses to be demeaned by paps

Taking to Twitter to share her thoughts on the matter, the actress struggled desperately to understand the motivation of the photographer, writing: "These are photogs who go to red carpets to take photos of women.to what, embarrass them? This is a problem with how we tear down women and reduce them to a sum of body parts, to be at once sexualized and shamed". "Even if they wanted to claim this was an accidental shot, they could have done what they would have done had they taken an accidental shot of their daughter's, mother's, or sister's vagina: deleted it".

Rather than do the admirable thing if the photographer had gotten an accidental shot up Morales's skirt, "instead, they sold pictures they took of my private body parts - without my consent - to a site that makes money off trying to embarrass me. Because they have bodies under clothes?" she wrote.

'It's a vagina' Natalie Morales refuses to be demeaned by paps

While laws have grown successfully more strict in the past few years regarding paparazzi photos of celebrity children (George Clooney recently threatened legal action against photographers who took pictures of his kids), when it comes to invasive photos of celebrities, especially at publicized events, the law is a lot more forgiving. Not that it would be ok at any time, but you know, this specifically, is a red carpet, so I'm there for you... "I'm happy to trade in pics of my vagina at a time I actually didn't wear underwear".

Following the interest in her series of posts, Natalie made a decision to issue a more detailed statement, writing: "Before this gets watered down or the word "vagina" gets censored out, here's my statement on this "wardrobe malfunction" b.s".

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Natalie was then inundated with messages of support, including one from actress Lena Dunham. In a thread posted to Twitter, the Cuban-American star explained she was asked to comment on a "wardrobe malfunction" she presumably had at the film's debut.

"Also, now that you're following me cause u heard u could maybe see my vag, please consider donating to Puerto Rico", the actress tweeted Tuesday along with a link to donate to the cause. You can't actually see anything. "It's a vagina. We all come out of one". But it doesn't belong to you. "And you can't have it unless I say you can".

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