Trump begins tax reform after healthcare failure

Trump begins tax reform after healthcare failure

Trump begins tax reform after healthcare failure

President Donald Trump announced he will negotiate with Democrats on health care in the wake of the Senate's most recent failure to repeal ObamaCare.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House Wednesday, Trump says he will meet with Democrats and "see if I can get a health plan that is better still".

Mr. Trump said he hopes Congress will vote on new healthcare legislation in early 2018, and added he plans to sign an executive order in the meantime that would allow people to purchase insurance plans across state lines, though it is unclear if he has the authority to issue such an order.

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Republicans this week were forced to declare the death of their latest drive to overhaul Obamacare, when it became apparent they didn't have enough support from their own party to pass a repeal bill, known as Graham-Cassidy.

Sen. Brian Schatz from Hawaii put it this way, "Everybody, from the most progressive to the most moderate, would be glad to vote to retain the progress we've made on health care and to prevent people's lives from being thrown into chaos". He didn't say who he was referring to. "We'll vote in January, February or March". After that date, procedural rules in the Senate will make it much more hard for Republicans to pass any type of healthcare reform this year without at least some Democratic support.

One "yes" vote, Mississippi Republican Sen.

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There are 23 Republican districts that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in previous year; Dems just need 24 to take over the House. No Democrats were expected to vote for the legislation.

The president also says he's looking at taking executive action to make health care changes.

Trump said he still has confidence in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell before going on to trash the Senate's 60 vote filibuster rule (Graham-Cassidy wasn't even on track to reach a 50 vote simple majority).

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Democrats responded to the defeat of Graham-Cassidy on Wednesday by calling for Republicans to resume bipartisan negotiations to stabilise the health insurance markets.

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