MapR Converged Data Platform hits the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

MapR Converged Data Platform hits the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

MapR Converged Data Platform hits the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

MapR Technologies has announced that its Converged Data platform is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

In his initial OpenWorld keynote on October 1, Ellison detailed the Oracle Autonomous Database set for release in December with multiple built-in security features. These features are powered by cloud activity monitoring and threat detection from the Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker service, identity context from Oracle Identity Cloud Service and operational telemetry and logs from Oracle Management Cloud.

He added that even in systems that do analyse logs, "there's no automatic remediation", as users need to use a completely separate system to take action or patch a database.

Ellison said patches are often delayed until instances of scheduled downtime for database systems, and these delays are often when the most damage occurs. However, the two systems are created to work together to stop data theft.

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"We are using the same technology, machine learning, that is the foundation of self-driving cars and facial recognition and applying it to new areas-autonomous dataset recognition and our highly automated security and compliance cloud", he said.

With total automation based on machine learning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud aims to eliminate the human labour required to manage a database by enabling a database to automatically upgrade, patch and tune itself while running.

The MapR Platform enables customers to collect data in the Oracle Cloud as well as any number of other data sources, with operational capacity for multiple environments, including on-premise, hybrid cloud or other public clouds. "Joint customers will be able to run big data workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with cloud-native operations and cloud storage integration", said Tom Fisher, CTO, MapR. "It takes the configuration information of all of your assets and unifies it, puts it in one place, keeps track of all of your users", he said.

Machine learning technologies will be used to detect normal patterns in the data, and take programmed actions when an anomaly is identified, in real-time, such as changing a password or turning on 2FA if a person's behaviour is unusual. "This can then help companies process these conversations, integrate each with existing business application data, and automatically respond", Hurd said.

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Parts of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant's other reactors suffered some damage in the 2007 major natural disaster . Abe's government aims to increase nuclear energy to 20 percent of Japan's energy mix by about 2030.

"Companies have to fend for themselves against nation states who are stealing their data and very sophisticated cyber criminals who are stealing their data".

Ellison made clear that companies need to rethink their defence strategy, advocating the elevation of security as now "we don't take the security threat terribly seriously, very few people in our organisations take it seriously".

Going back to the Equifax data breach, Ellison again warned the audience that "no one wants to be on the front page, Equifax is a 100 year old company and they are fighting for survival". Security in our data center, what is it, Job 10? "We've got to provide security without slowing down our other tasks, but we have to elevate the priority of security in our data center".

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