'She's Gotta Have It' Trailer: Spike Lee Intros The New Nola Darling

Netflix reveals She's Gotta Have It release date and trailer

'She's Gotta Have It' Trailer: Spike Lee Intros The New Nola Darling

Check out the official first trailer above, and for a lengthier look at the personalities of each character, watch a sneak peek collection of short scenes from the series here.

It opens with footage of Lee's introduction as seen in the original movie's trailer (with the word show seamlessly dubbed over the word film), before kicking off into Nola's world, rendered in lush color rather than black and white. But there's a almost unnoticeable adjustment there - the new Netflix trailer dubs Lee when he says "film" with the word "show".

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The premise is the same, don't you dare call Nola Darling a sex addict (instead, try a "sex positive, polyamorous pansexual") as she juggles three men; Greer Childs, Jamie Overbrook and Mars Blackmon. Nola is not who you want her to be. Nola is now-she is outspoken, complicated, progressive, unapologetic, passionate, sexual. The 10-part series returns to director Spike Lee's roots just over 30 years after his black-and-white drama of the same name premiered in theaters. Tonya Lewis Lee is executive producer.

Like much of Lee's oeuvre, the original She's Gotta Have It has it's fans, but it also definitely has its detractors, perhaps chief among them Bell Hooks, who not unfoundedly criticized the film's misogynistic bent.

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All episodes of She's Gotta Have It premiere on Thursday, Nov. 23 at 3:00 a.m. EST.

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