Google pledges $1 billion to fund non-profit education


Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the new Grow with Google program. Andrew Federman

We understand there's uncertainty and even concern about the pace of technological change.

Natural disaster in North Korea prompts nuclear test fears
According to the US Geological Survey, there isn't enough information to conclude the nature of the natural disaster yet. A 3.4 magnitude quake last month near the same location sparked fears there could have been another nuclear test.

The Grow with Google initiative will work with US communities to provide job skills and small business growth advice. The new website has sections with several programs for students, teachers, local businesses, job seekers, developers, and startups.

Gunman opens fire on busy market in Sweden, injuring seven
Trelleborg is a Swedish port town located 33 kilometres south of Malmo and 64kms southeast of Copenhagen, Denmark. The spokesman said: "A major police operation is underway". "Forensics and search dogs are ordered to the site".

This initiative will also be touring the country in the coming months to provide hands-on training.

DJI Zenmuse X7 cinematic camera leaks with 6K, RAW, and Apple ProRes
The Zenmuse X7 can capture 6k CinemaDNG RAW and 5.2k Apple ProRes at 30 FPS or 3.9k CinemaDNG RAW and 2.7k Apple ProRes at 60 FPS. With professional cinematography in mind, the D-Log can encode 15 stops of dynamic range, two stops higher than the Zenmuse X5S.

Google plans to donate $1 billion to nonprofits through its charitable arm,, with the aim of addressing the gap between the skills required by modern companies and the skills that are taught in schools. Nonprofits who are potential grant recipients must "use technology and innovation to tackle complex global challenges", Google said. The money, distributed over five years, will go towards organizations working on "three key areas" Google thinks will "boost opportunity".

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