James Franco Claims He's Suffering from a Midlife Crisis

James Franco has taken steps to reprioritize his life and will cutback on acting as he deals with his own personal midlife crisis

James Franco Claims He's Suffering from a Midlife

The Oscar-nominated actor will turn 40 in April next year and as his landmark birthday appears on the horizon, the self-confessed "workaholic" has admitted to reconsidering his life priorities over the last 12 months.

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But don't run away in disgust - it's also brilliantly acted and produced - you'll marvel that New York City has been transported back to the urban decay of that unlovely decade; you'll believe that James Franco has a twin acting alongside him and that Maggie Gyllenhaall is a working girl trying to make ends meet. James Franco recently finished The Disaster Artist and can be seen on the new hit HBO series, The Deuce.

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"I guess it's called a midlife crisis". It's not like I went out and had to buy a Ferrari or anything like that. It was more about re-prioritising and figuring out what was meaningful. "I've been known as a guy that just did a lot of things".

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For now, James Franco has chose to make a conscious decision to cut back on his workaholicism. Franco said, "so for me it was really about cutting back and focusing, and figuring out what I really wanted to spend my time on", which makes ideal sense.

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