Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard Discuss Surviving & Dying in 'Happy Death Day'

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It's annoying for Tree to relive the same day but it's fun for us to watch her clumsy mistakes she does at her sorority house with her sisters, or in campus and the different ways the killer murders her. Her suffering comes to an end when a man dressed in all black wearing a baby face mask attacks and kills her. Her meeting with the dorm's occupant, the sweet and naive Carter Davis (Israel Broussard), is the start of a string of humiliating moments magnified by it being Tree's birthday. But each time Tree awakens, she's a bit weaker. Happy Death Day is clever because it wraps all of that into a single victim. Scott Lobdell's script features many tropes from the horror film world.

Did Broussard or Rothe get to keep any of the Happy Death Day killer masks?

It takes Tree three times getting killed before she realizes she needs to find out who the killer is. But, because nearly all the deaths are of the same person, the count could also be seen as very small.

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In the new horror comedy from director Christopher B. Landon, whose previous work in the genre centered on the Paranormal Activity franchise, college student Teresa "Tree" Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) doesn't get to wander around a bucolic small town for eternity, but instead must spend each day knowing it will end with her brutal death.

The film also features a creepy killer who covers his identity with a odd mask. Even with that knowledge, Lobdell's script is so smartly written that each ending comes as a surprise.

Happy Death Day does not hide its obvious debt to the film Groundhog Day - in fact a character comments on the similarities between the seemingly cursed heroine's plight and the plot of the 1993 film. Ultimately, Happy Death Day earns its homages to Vertigo, Psycho, and Sixteen Candles.

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She is scared and confused but tries to find more clues about her killer within each death and in every murder she tries to step it up even if it means dying again.

If you want a film that scares the living hell out of you, "Happy Death Day" isn't the movie for you.

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