La Palma volcano: Canary Islands hit by 40 tremors in 48 hours


PH DEVASTATING The effects of the Cumbre Vieja volcano blowing would be catastrophic

More than 40 tremors were recorded in just 48 hours over the weekend on the island of La Palma, leading to speculation that the island's active volcano Cumbre Vieja could erupt at any moment. Here's everything you need to know. All the earthquakes were measured between 1.5 and 2.7 on the Richter scale.

La Palma is the most north westerly of the Canary Islands, home to more than 86,000 residents.

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Between Saturday 7 and Tuesday 10 October the island experienced 50 tremors, with the biggest taking place on Saturday at 1pm.

This was narrowly followed by a quake of 2.6 at the same time on Sunday, and a third of 2.1 hitting the island at midnight on Monday.

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The quakes have sparked fears the islands' huge Cumbre Vieja volcano could blow - and volcano experts have been pulled in to examine the unusual seismic activity. Now, there are concerns that La Palma valcano could blow that could spark a mega tsunami which would affect Spain as well as Britain and the U.S. east coast.

Cumbre Vieja, which means "Old Summit", last erupted in 1971.

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