Men more satisfied with 'bromances' than romances

'Bromances' can threaten heterosexual relationships, research shows

How bromances are threatening heterosexual relationships

Researchers at the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom interviewed 30 straight undergraduate men, who said they felt less judged by their bros, and that it was easier to open up and resolve conflicts with their male friends than with their girlfriends.

One man, "Harvey", said he didn't even feel comfortable divulging that he loves listening to Beyonce and Taylor Swift - for fear that his girlfriend would judge him.

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According to The Telegraph, Dr Robinson said: "Young heterosexual men are now able to confide in each other and develop and maintain deep emotional friendships based on intimacy and and the expression of once-taboo emotional sentimentality".

The researchers suggest that the rise in bromances can be recognised as a progressive development in the relations between men. However, "strong bromances could challenge traditional domestic living arrangements between men and women", Robinson added.

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"With a romance", the men griped, "one was constantly posturing and self-monitoring", acting, "the part of the adoring boyfriend", in order to sleep with their girlfriends, researchers found. Participants stated that the lack of boundaries and judgement in a bromance is expressed as emotionally rivalling the benefits of a heterosexual romance.

They frame the tensions of the bromance vs romance dynamic against a backdrop of declining homophobia, sexual liberalism, and inclusive masculinity.

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