Metro to stay open later for Nats, Cubs game

Metro to stay open later for Nats, Cubs game

Metro to stay open later for Nats, Cubs game

Despite the announcement that Metro will stay open an extra hour to accommodate Game 5 of the National League Division Series between the Nationals and Chicago Cubs at Nationals Park, a single hour of extended service still very well may not allow enough time for fans to watch the entire game and catch their ride home.

Exelon - the parent company of Pepco - is covering the $100,000 cost to extend Metro hours, a fee neither Metro nor the Nationals were willing to pay in an ongoing tug-of-war between the baseball and public transportation organizations.

"Tonight, the District of Columbia will host a Nationals' NLDS championship game and an exciting opening of The Wharf", said Bowser. "We want to make sure they can enjoy these landmark events in D.C. and have options for getting home safely and efficiently, and we are pleased to partner with Mayor Bowser to make this happen". "Go Nats and enjoy The Wharf!"

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Four stations - Navy Yard-Ballpark, Waterfront, L'Enfant Plaza, and Capitol South - will be "entry only", while the rest of Metro's stations will be "exit only". With an extra hour, that pushes Thursday night's last train to 12:22 a.m. (The Nationals promote the 11:02 p.m. train, but that is actually the second-to-last train of the night).

Thursday morning, officials said, Exelon stepped up.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metro General Manager and CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld announced their decision Thursday.

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That decision earned Metro a chorus of boos in a NDLS Game 5 - on a Thursday night nearly a year ago to the date. Some fans broke out in a chant: "Metro sucks".

Metro officials say the new late-night service policy puts the onus on event organizers and outside groups to keep the system open.

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