UL fraternities suspended after LSU hazing death

UL fraternities suspended after LSU hazing death

UL fraternities suspended after LSU hazing death

(WWL.com) Four fraternities at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have been suspended in the wake of LSU Phi Delta Theta fraternity pledge Maxwell Gruver's death.

A 20-year-old MA man faces misdemeanor charges along with nine of his fraternity brothers in the Louisiana death of a pledge pressured to recklessly overdrink, reports NECN.

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According to police reports, Matthew Naquin, the only one of the 10 who is charged with negligent homicide, was particularly aggressive in forcing the pledges to drink, especially toward Gruver.

The coroner concluded that Gruver died of acute alcohol intoxication with aspiration and reports that the manner of his death was "an accident".

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Eight of the suspects are LSU students and were active members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, according to university spokesman Ernie Ballard. Around 11 a.m. that morning, members found Gruver still on the couch with a weak pulse and couldn't tell if he was breathing.

Authorities said Gruver and other fraternity pledges gathered on September 13th at the frat house for what was called 'Bible Study, ' a drinking game where pledges were forced to drink alcohol for every incorrect answer they gave about the fraternity. Two people drove him to a hospital, where he died later that day. The fraternities will not be allowed to hold chapter-affiliated events during the suspension. "We do the recognition and the education with the new members as well, the next step is reporting it". "Again they may do the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program or a really specific meeting where they surveyed your chapter in advance and say these are the behaviors we've seen in your chapter here's how you can address it".

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