Watch Katy Perry Coordinate An Epic Onstage Marriage Proposal

Watch Katy Perry Coordinate An Epic Onstage Marriage Proposal

Watch Katy Perry Coordinate An Epic Onstage Marriage Proposal

"Well, this is a shooting star", and pointed to a stage prop. Katy's wish was to spend the rest of her life with her girlfriend, Becky, who was also celebrating her birthday at the time.

You already know where this going: Katie got down on one knee and popped the question, while Perry simultaneously dropped to the ground in excitement. And on National Coming Out Day, too! She then asked speechless Becky: "Will you marry me?"

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The grand jury also is demanding communications with any parent of any current member of the basketball team. He has since been suspended by Oklahoma State and is expected to appear in court on Thursday.

The fan, called Katie, took the microphone before looking at her girlfriend, called Becky. "And she's ideal every time I look at her", Katie told the crowd, in video of the proposal taken by fans before dropping to her knee and pulling out a box with her ring on it it.

The 32-year-old freaked the fuck out too, getting down on her knees as everyone waited for Becky to say "YES!"

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Asked if that means a decision will come next week, he said: "That's not what I said". Negotiations finished yesterday, but ministerial portfolios haven't been discussed.

Katy Perry is a huge campaigner for LGBT rights and her fans' engagement happened on National Coming Out Day.

"My wish came true", Katie said as Perry hugged the two and posed with them together for a selfie.

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But the admiration grew out of more than just his ability to rush the passer with pure speed, quick moves and relentless power. That probably will never happen, though the Packers did wind up dealing Brett Favre to pave the way for Rodgers to take over.

Fans in the crowd recorded the moment, and Perry posted bits of it to her Instagram story.

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