What Analysts Think of Endo Int'l Plc (ENDP)?

Value ranks companies using four ratios. The company maintains price to book ratio of 2.10.

Endo International plc (ENDP) reported sales (ttm) of 4.04 Billion, whereas, 16 number of analysts estimated the mean sale of 775.26 million. The lower the ERP5 rank, the more undervalued a company is thought to be. Trading volume for Endo International plc was 6.7 Million in its previous trading session. Value of 43. The Q.i. The formula uses ROIC and earnings yield ratios to find quality, undervalued stocks. The P/E ratio is one of the most common ratios used for figuring out whether a company is overvalued or undervalued. Another way to determine the effectiveness of a company's distributions is by looking at the Shareholder yield (Mebane Faber). The total value of its holdings increased 77.9%.

At the end of June reporting period, 140 institutional holders increased their position in Endo International plc (NASDAQ:ENDP) by some 20,745,404 shares, 130 decreased positions by 27,578,477 and 24 held positions by 156,407,309. The price to earnings ratio for Endo International plc (NasdaqGS:ENDP) is -0.358861. This is calculated by taking the earnings per share and dividing it by the last closing share price.

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The Value Composite One (VC1) is a method that investors use to determine a company's value. The ROIC is calculated by dividing the net operating profit (or EBIT) by the employed capital. The Earnings Yield Five Year average for Endo International plc (NasdaqGS:ENDP) is 5.83%. Endo International PLC had a positive return on equity of 37.58% and a negative net margin of 126.93%. The ROIC 5 year average is calculated using the five year average EBIT, five year average (net working capital and net fixed assets). Analysts expect that Endo International PLC will post $3.52 EPS for the current fiscal year. During the same quarter in the prior year, the company earned $0.86 EPS. The average FCF of a company is determined by looking at the cash generated by operations of the company.

The Return on Invested Capital (aka ROIC) for Endo International plc (NasdaqGS:ENDP) is 0.051911.

We can now take a quick look at some historical stock price index data.

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Endo International plc (NASDAQ:ENDP) touched its 1-Year High price of $21.87 on 10/25/16 and its 1-Year Low price of $ 7.41 on 08/11/17. The price index is calculated by dividing the current share price by the share price ten months ago. The shares were bought on August 10th for an average price of $7.70.

Looking at some ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) numbers, Endo International plc (NasdaqGS:ENDP)'s ROIC is 0.051911. This is calculated by dividing the five year average ROIC by the Standard Deviation of the 5 year ROIC. Earnings Yield helps investors measure the return on investment for a given company. The return on invested capital is at -25.3%, which is good, compared to its peers.

Endo International plc, launched on October 31, 2013, is a generics and specialty branded pharmaceutical company. The VC1 is calculated using the price to book value, price to sales, EBITDA to EV, price to cash flow, and price to earnings. The Free Cash Flow or FCF margin is 6.32. Value is to help identify companies that are the most undervalued.

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Endo International plc (ENDP) now the company's industry has 12.45 P/E and the sector P/E is 16.83. The employed capital is calculated by subrating current liabilities from total assets. The ratio may be used to provide an idea of the ability of a certain company to pay back its liabilities with assets. Typically, the higher the current ratio the better, as the company may be more capable of paying back its obligations. These ratios are important while doing valuation of the company or the shares of the company. (The) started coverage on shares of Endo International PLC in a report on Thursday, September 28th. Similarly, the Value Composite Two (VC2) is calculated with the same ratios, but adds the Shareholder Yield. Additionally, the price to earnings ratio is another popular way for analysts and investors to determine a company's profitability. At the time of writing Endo International plc has an ROE of -6.336773. Free cash flow (FCF) is the cash produced by the company minus capital expenditure.

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