Orionid Meteor Shower to Peak This Week

Orionid Meteor Shower to Peak This Week

Orionid Meteor Shower to Peak This Week

The Orionids get their name because they radiate from the constellation Orion the Hunter - one of the brightest and most recognisable clusters of stars in the night sky.

The shower normally produces 20 meteors per hour. This particular meteor shower happens every year as the earth passes through the orbit path of Comet Halley.

Meteors, or shooting stars, are the small pieces of debris left behind comets that burn up when they enter our atmosphere.

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The annual Orionid meteor shower is expected to peak this weekend, and with clear skies in the forecast, much of North Carolina could have a good view. Your best chance to see the shower will be before dawn Saturday morning, preferably away from any other light sources.

Peak visibility is around 2 a.m., but make sure you're away from city lights that will make spotting the meteors much more hard.

Orionid meteor showers are spawned by debris from Halley's comet.

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If you're patient and don't mind sacrificing a little sleep, you could catch a good view of the shower.

Stargazers are looking forward to the peak of what NASA describes as "one of the most lovely showers of the year" on Friday and Saturday night.

Although not at its peak we may still be able to see a few meteors shooting across the sky early in the morning before the sun rises.

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