NBC Dismisses News Executive for Misconduct

NBC News fires exec after sexual harassment investigation

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Women at NBC News brought Zimmerman's alleged behavior to the attention of the company in light of the heightened attention on sexual harassment that has resulted from the allegations brought against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, comedian Louis C.K., director Brett Ratner, NPR executive Michael Oreskes and a host of media and entertainment industry names.

News has dismissed one of its top newsroom executives after more than one woman came forward alleging inappropriate conduct, according to an NBC statement shared with TPM.

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"We have recently learned that Matt Zimmerman engaged in inappropriate conduct with more than one woman at NBCU, which violated company policy".

Zimmerman had reported to former NBC News chief Deborah Turness for about three years before she was replaced by current network news head Noah Oppenheim in February.

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Details of the allegations have yet to be released. At issue were multiple relationships with women who were junior to Zimmerman, and in at least one case, a direct report, said one source. Since 2014, Zimmerman has been in charge of guest bookings on the "Today" show and other network shows.

He is the latest person to be dismissed in a string of suspensions and firings that have resulted after influential figures were accused of sexual harassment.

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