Nintendo Planning Another Super Mario Brothers Movie

Nintendo Reportedly Bringing Mario To The Big Screen Once Again

Nintendo Planning Another Super Mario Brothers Movie

According to TheDominoKing, he'd originally planned to upload the video on the game's original release date but then made a decision to spend some more time working on it. The aforementioned Super Mario Bros., released in 1993, was a critical and commercial failure, although it did leave us with a truly magical cinematic moment.

This Super Mario Odyssey glitch was spotted by Twitter user DefinitivNichtSacha, who also posted video proof of the glitch that also details how to trigger the glitch. A certain glitch in particular was discovered by DefinitivNichtSascha, allowing players to kill the portly plumber using Cappy.

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The video itself is what's known as a screen link; in other words, each clip was created individually and then edited together to look like one continuous mural. However, with the glitch, both teams are given a loss on their cards.

In order to activate the glitch, players will first need to go into 2 player mode, feed a rock to a Piranha Plant so it can't eat the hat, then take it over by throwing Cappy. After this, the newly-mustachioed Piranha Plant is defeated and Mario is nowhere to be found.

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Use the Rally Barricade and spam the crouch button and fire the rockets at the same time and you will notice that even though the rockets are being fired the ammo count will be increasing.

Of course, Nintendo is nearly laughably protective of their intellectual properties, especially after the disastrous 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. movie.

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