This app gets rid of the disgusting iPhone X "notch"

This app gets rid of the disgusting iPhone X

This app gets rid of the disgusting iPhone X "notch"

Today Apple approved a wallpaper app called "Notch Remover" which makes the flagship iPhone's notch appear invisible by placing a black bar where the notch is and starting the wallpaper below it. Think of it as a way to tun those two eyebrows into a uniform-looking unibrow. While the Cupertino giant has promised to correct these problems courtesy of a software update, it seems that an app is attempting to remedy one of the unique physical aspects of the device - specifically, the notch.

By the way, that's precisely what Notch Remover and Notcho do.

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As the name suggests, the app allows you to effectively eliminate the notch on the iPhone X by adding a black bar to the top of images that you can then manually assign as wallpapers from the phone's Settings menu.

Interestingly, an app of this nature is seemingly forbidden by Apple's developer guidelines for the iPhone X, and yet Apple opted to approve it anyway.

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Apple's iPhone X comes with a notch at the top of the display, under the notch is where Apple had hidden all of the cameras and technology for their Face ID. It's hardly surprising that Axiem Systems and Cromulent Labs developed Notch Remover and Notcho respectively, but we'll admit to being a little bewildered by their approval and App Store publishing.

"Don't mask or call special attention to key display features". That, unfortunately, means you'll still see the cursed black strip once you open any of your apps.

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