American Horror Story: Cult Recap Episode 11, "Great Again"

American Horror Story Cult Finale What Should Happen to Kai

American Horror Story: Cult Recap Episode 11, "Great Again"

Well American Horror Story fans, we've reached the finale of a tumultuous season with the cult theme coming to a close.

In one scene, Kai is seen performing his "famous" pinky-swear with one of the female prison guards. Two inmates show up and ask him to come with them, where they proceed to beat up and murder another inmate. He demonstrates to the cult how to correctly murder the women and their babies with watermelons. By committing this crime, Kai is trying to get the attention of women in order for them to react to his antics. Ally enters the kitchen and finds Beverly coming unhinged, begging Ally to kill her because she doesn't even have a desire to live anymore. As Beverly is carried out by police, she reiterates that she's glad she held on like Ally insisted - and Kai completely snaps upon seeing Ally with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and screams over and over that he will kill her, not a threat you want from a man with numerous murderers at his disposal. Now if you remember from the last episode, Ally found the bug that belonged to Speedwagon and she tells Kai that she discovered Winter was loyal to him - but that Ally killed the man who betrayed him. Kai has since learned that Oz isn't his child and he (clearly at his wits end) tells her it was the only thing keeping him from killing her to begin with. Ally promises that what happens tomorrow night will be "glorious" and that she will have to hang on to fully understand what she means. Beverly comes to visit and is wondering why she was never arrested for all the murders she helped Kai commit within the cult. Ally claims she didn't fit the profile, because she is a black woman in a group of "angry white nationalists".

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"Great Again" will also most likely reveal how Ally and Beverly will work to get out of Kai's cult.

Beverly brings up Ivy. She says that Kai took credit for all the murders except hers and that he blamed her murder on Ally. Beverly appears from behind and shoots him in the head. Overall, this was a season that was dominated with strong performances by Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and newcomer Billie Lourd.

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The season ends with Ally putting on a green velvet hood. While Bebe Abbott is dead because of Ally, she continues to carry on her legacy of being a member of SCUM.

By the end of "Great Again", Ally has been transformed into both a hero and "nasty woman", yet somehow the character feels less complex than ever. The episode isn't really interested in punishing Ally for her similarities to Kai; after all, one notable difference between the characters is that Kai used empowered, radicalized men to seize power for himself, while Ally secretly used empowered, radicalized women, like prison guard Gloria (Liz Jenkins), to reclaim power for women.

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While many thought Cult would be more focused on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it instead looked more in depth of what those in positions of higher power can be hiding and how it can affect those around them.

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