Aston Martin Says It Needs A Brexit Deal To Continue Production

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Twitter:@NeilUKIP GettyNeil Hamilton trashed Aston Martin's absurd comments on post Brexit predictions

Aston Martin says it may be forced to halt production if the United Kingdom can not secure a Brexit deal with the EU.

"We're a British company".

"We produce our cars exclusively in Britain and will continue to do".

Currently, all new vehicles in the United Kingdom are required to have Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approval, also valid in the EU. However, if a deal between the United Kingdom and European Union can not be reached, the validity of these cars will cease from March 2019, BBC reports.

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Mr Wilson said he "hoped it would not come to that", adding he was "encouraged" by talk of a transitional deal.

"Without VCA type approval, it really is quite a stark picture for us", with the potential for a "semi-catastrophic" halt to manufacturing, Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

Mike Hawes, the chief executive of the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders, also warned the cost per vehicle of having no Brexit deal could be as much as £1,800.

Mr Keating told the MPs that Honda would take 18 months to get its systems ready for new customs procedures for exporting to Europe.

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Keating told the committee that Honda needs clarity by March 2018 on the trade framework because of the roughly yearlong lead times needed to prepare for the U.K.'s exit from the bloc in April 2019.

"We're thinking about increasing the amount of warehousing and the amount of stock we would have to hold if friction entered the border", he said.

Mr Hawes added that the United Kingdom motor industry's integration into European supply chains could make it harder to benefit from any free trade agreement with non-EU countries after Brexit.

Investment had been averaging £2.5bn a year but fell to £1.6bn in 2016 and is headed to be less than £1bn this year, with anecdotal evidence of vehicle companies "sitting on their hands", said Mr Hawes. How much of that 44% actually comes from the United Kingdom, bearing in mind those suppliers are buying in supply chains from all over the world?

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