Drunk Kerala man's 'Baahubali' stunt with elephant goes horribly wrong

Prabhas tames an angry elephant in Baahubali 2. YouTube

Prabhas tames an angry elephant in Baahubali 2. YouTube

However, things went wrong for John when the elephant shook him off, hurling him a few feet away.

Dressed in a white shirt and lungi, John saw the lone elephant while passing by the area with his friends on a scooter around 3 pm on Sunday, The News Minute reported. He can be seen in the video, which has gone viral on internet, lying unconscious on the ground. In the background, we also hear another man warning the fan that he shouldn't approach the elephant as he is drunk. Though the elephant ate the fruits, it however did not seem to be interested in entertaining the boys. He feeds the hungry tusker more fruits and then, holds its tusks and proceeds to kiss the animal.

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In the video which was recorded by his friend, he can be seen getting close to an elephant. The elephant does not take the second attempt very kindly and flings him in the air with one swift movement.

The incident reportedly happened in Karimannoor in Thodupuzha in Idukki district. 'After spotting an elephant tethered on a plot and no mahout around, they got a great opportunity to do something insane.

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It is believed the man - who has not been named - was trying to recreate a scene from popular Indian movie Baahubali, where the protagonist jumps on top of an elephant from its trunk.

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