Tourists Arrested In Kazakhstan For Wearing 'Borat' Style Mankinis

Tourists Arrested In Kazakhstan For Wearing 'Borat' Style Mankinis

Tourists Arrested In Kazakhstan For Wearing 'Borat' Style Mankinis

A group of Czech tourists have been arrested in Kazakhstan for donning Borat-style mankinis in the middle of the capital city.

The men were in the capital Astana when they stripped off in front of large "I (heart) Astana" sign as a joke.

Local police spokeswoman Sofya Kylyshbekova confirmed that the six were arrested for appearing "obscene in a public place" and given a very nice fine of 22,500 KZT (£51/$67).

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Kazakh law defines hooliganism as an act that is "a particularly audacious violation of public order" which includes "committing indecent acts".

The maximum penalty for hooliganism is up to a year in prison or in a "corrective labor" camp, although these punishments are usually for violent acts.

"On Friday citizens of the Czech Republic were detained in a auto park near an exhibition centre while posing in an indecent manner", said Sofya Kilyshebkova, a spokeswoman for the Kazakhstani interior ministry.

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"This is teasing, they should have been jailed", one person wrote on Instagram, while another said: "Should have had a criminal charge for insulting the honour of the nation".

In the movie "Borat!". Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, or, y'know, just Borat for short. Kazakhstan's government originally banned the film and threatened Baron Cohen with a lawsuit.

Parts of the movie, such as Borat explaining local wine is made from horse urine and saying gay men have to wear blue hats, were not received well.

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The green mankini, which leaves most of the body uncovered, became famous after being worn by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the hit film Borat, about the adventures of fictional, racist and sexist Kazakhstani television personality. In 2012, however, Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov thanked Baron Cohen for boosting Kazakhstan's tourism.

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