Hunters cautioned to beware of CWD in deer carcasses

Hunters cautioned to beware of CWD in deer carcasses

Hunters cautioned to beware of CWD in deer carcasses

A troubling disease has been discovered in a deer that was among a herd on a southeastern Minnesota farm, state regulators said Wednesday.

TWRA has placed importation restrictions for cervids, including deer, moose and elk carcasses from any state with a positive case of the disease. The state has a confirmed presence of chronic wasting disease.

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The Minnesota Board of Animal Health says routine sampling found a positive test result in a three-year-old white-tailed buck.

Board officials say they have 10 years of records on the registered herd, which has a good history of chronic wasting disease surveillance. The board will track the movements of the deer in and out of the herd over the last five years.

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The herd includes seven adult white-tailed deer. If investigators find that the deer moved into and out of other herds in Minnesota, those herds will become part of the investigation.

CWD is not known to naturally occur in other animals, and there are no known treatments or vaccines.

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