YouTube Reveals Their Plan to Stop Predatory Comments on Videos of Minors

Children need to understand the risks of posting videos online', says Get Safe Online ambassador following Times editorial

Peter Davies from Get Safe Online spoke to Julia Hartley Brewer about online safety

It includes sexual, extremist and unhealthy videos shown on the platform.

In addition, commenting functionality will be disabled on any videos where comments refer to children in a "sexual or predatory" manner. According to the post, the company will start with a tougher application of the guidelines that it has set along with "faster enforcement through technology". Following the report, YouTube removed several of the videos, some of which had "hundreds of thousands or more views".

In her statement, Wright stated that YouTube will continue to work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to report potentially illegal behavior to law enforcement.

"In recent months, we've noticed a growing trend around content on YouTube that attempts to pass as family-friendly, but is clearly not", wrote Johanna Wright, YouTube's vice president of product management, in a blog post dated November 22.

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It has also implemented policies to restrict content with family entertainment characters but containing mature themes to those over 18 that are logged in via a YouTube account.

YouTube will also remove ads from inappropriate videos targeting families. Previously YouTube acted by removing the offending videos that were highlighted. YouTube's algorithms would surface these videos next to harmless, child-friendly content. This does not even leave out videos with satirical or comedic purposes from the removal of advertisements.

The company promises to take an aggressive stance against nasty comments on videos that feature minors, as well.

To help creators, as the fourth step, YouTube will also release a comprehensive guide for creators to ensure that they can make more enriching and family-friendly content for the app.

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There's been a growing trend of content on YouTube that pretends to be kid-friendly, but is anything but.

Wright noted that although there is clearly content on YouTube that shouldn't be there, there is other more nuanced content that is hard to reach a decision on: "For example, today, there are many cartoons in mainstream entertainment that are targeted towards adults, and feature characters doing things we wouldn't necessarily want children to see".

Acknowledging the nuance that comes with moderating kid-friendly content, YouTube announced that they'll be doubling the number of their trusted flaggers to better understand how to handle "challenging" adult content that doesn't cater to children but might appeal to them. It could very well be aimed at adults while being shot at a comic book convention.

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