College Football Playoff is an imperfect response to an unanswerable question

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But it would push the end of the season further into January, playoff officials will cry.

In reality, it should have been the opposite.

This size allows the committee to reward teams that play challenging schedules and may suffer a loss or two, as well as the teams that emerge victorious from the slog of conference play. The lines opened with a 2 point spread for the Crimson Tide to cover but has since dropped to 1.5 points while the posted total started at 47 points and has remained there since. Going into the conference championship games, Alabama, fresh off a thorough 26-14 loss by rival Auburn, was ranked fifth and just on the outside looking in.

Here's some homework: The selection committees have chosen 16 teams in four years for the playoff.

On Sunday, the field for the fourth College Football Playoff was set and for the first time two teams from the same conference made it. Alabama (11-1) will face Clemson (12-1) in the Sugar Bowl and fellow SEC member Georgia (12-1) will play Oklahoma (12-1) in the Rose Bowl. They lost to a playoff team, Oklahoma and got blown out shockingly at Iowa.

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A lot of terminology has been spewed about which teams belong and which teams shouldn't, i.e. better, most-deserving, eye test.

First off, let me just say that I am perfectly okay with the College Football Playoff this year.

Only the best should compete for the national title.

On a Sunday bound for a certain dopiness, Brown held the dopiness lead until Edsall, the former Maryland coach nowadays at CT, chimed in on Twitter: "Why do they even recognize conference champions when they can't even get into a playoff for a National Championship!" That landscape shifts not only from year to year, but week to week and hour to hour. Then we get into a debate.

Another all-SEC championship game could be on the horizon, and for the second straight year the value of a conference championship was diminished. We had a pretty balanced slate of conference championship games this season, but why on Earth would Stanford - a three-loss team in the regular season that lost to San Diego State - deserve a shot at the same glory as No. 1 Clemson? Fourteen of those 16 won conference championships.

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The two-team playoff nearly always did the best job of crowning the actual best team in the country. No. 6 Wisconsin, and No. 4 Alabama vs.

Were the Buckeyes better off not playing Oklahoma this season? The latter would confirm the worst fears of those who love and appreciate the greatest three months in American sports - the college football season.

Championship weekend provided clarity about the top teams in college football.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock and others always talk about protecting the regular season when defending the current system, and that scarcity breeding demand. It should be protected at all costs. Putting aside the unusual fact that somehow Alabama made it into the semifinals for the CFP Nationals over Ohio State despite losing to Auburn when the Buckeyes won last week, the Clemson vs Alabama rivalry is now on its 3 go-around and while Alabama's defense has been strong, the offense is struggling; especially their offensive line which struggled against Auburn's defensive line two weeks earlier.

The one issue? Too many games.

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After an action-packed opening round in which road teams won three of the eight matchups, there was even more can't-miss stuff as national seeds finally got to take the field for the playoffs. In addition to talking playoffs, they review the win and also examine J.T. Barrett's legacy after his polarizing performance on Saturday.

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