Fitbit Ionic's first major software update adds new apps and watchfaces

Fitbit finally updates OS for Fitbit Ionic brings apps and watchfaces
       By Ida Torres

Fitbit finally updates OS for Fitbit Ionic brings apps and watchfaces By Ida Torres

Fitbit launched a new experimental business division with the rollout of a software update to its Ionic smartwatch this week that will track users' moods to gain behavioral insights.

That's going to bring the grand total of downloadable apps from Fitbit, Fitbit Labs, "popular brands" and other third-party developers to more than 60 by January, including instant hits like Uber or Nest.

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However the good news is that Fitbit has worked to changed that, and in the latest update that they have issued to the smartwatch's operating system, not only have they improved upon the features of the device, but it has also included a bunch of new apps. Maybe it will finally be worth the $300 price tag that some people find too much for a smartwatch with just a few apps. With the launch, Ionic Pro extends the power of the Framework to address the entire app lifecycle.

Ionic Pro is a cloud-based solution that makes it faster and easier to design, build, test and deliver apps. Those who own the Ionic will, of course, get early access to these apps and features. For instance, there's a new Fitbit Leaderboard app that allows you to see how your fitness goals stack up against family and friends, and it lets you "cheer and taunt them" for added motivation.

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Fitbit is also releasing 3 new "official" clock faces - Levels, Threads, and Mountainscape.

If you place huge importance on functional clock faces, then you'll go insane with all these new ones that were created by users and developers not working in Fitbit, since the Fitbit OS was open source.

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