Man Burnt Alive In Rajasthan Over Alleged 'Love Jihad'

Rajasthan attack: India arrest over 'love jihad' killing video

Horrific video shows man warning 'jihadists' as he hacks Muslim labourer and burns his body

Home minister Gulabchand Kataria condemned the incident and said that the investigation has been handed over to SIT for further investigation. "I have seen the video and heard the cries of my helpless father while he was being killed", Rejina Khatun, Afrazul's daughter, told The Indian Express.

Shambhu Lal and the man who shot the video are missing.

Meanwhile, a half-burnt body of a man was found on Thursday (7 December) morning near a road in Rajasthan's Rajsamand district and police suspect it could be of Afrazul's.

In a shocking incident, a Muslim laborer from West Bengal was burnt alive for allegedly committing "love jihad".

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Police in the state have come across what they believe is the body of the victim depicted in the video, a 45-year-old named Mohammad Afrazul, a daily wager from West Bengal.

The accused, Shambunath Raigar, also recorded the horrific act which was uploaded on social media.

According to family members, Afrazul for the past over a decade has been working as an unskilled labourer in Rajasthan.

The man burning the body was Regar, an unemployed man, aged between 35 and 40, from the district's Rajnagar area, police said. In the video, Raigar can be seen mentioning that those who indulge in "love jihad" will be met with same fate.

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In the video, the accused can be seen beating the victim and then setting him on fire.

Shambhu Lal had allegedly brought the man to a secluded place on the pretext of providing him work.

In one of the clips, Regar, dressed in a red shirt, a pair of white pants and white shoes, attacks the man with an iron rod and stabs the man when he falls to the ground. In the video, there is also a long speech on "love Jihad" and patriotism.

After the murder, the man rants hate speech declaring that he had killed him to save sister from "love jihad".

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