Meteor spotted in Florida streaking across night sky

A surveillance camera at Heather Fox's Riverview home recorded this fireball in the sky Tuesday night

A surveillance camera at Heather Fox's Riverview home recorded this fireball in the sky Tuesday night

NASA has indirectly confirmed the news of explosion of a fireball, possibly a meteorite above Florida skies on Tuesday, reports WFTS TV. On the video, two people can be seen standing in the yard on video then noticing the fireball after it lights up the night sky, illuminating the clouds as it disappears.

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In the meantime, a non-profit organization of scientists named "The American Meteor Society" too confirmed the news and stated that they also received more than 55 reports of a fireball streaking across the sky.

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While the view is undoubtedly spectacular for the eyewitnesses, a fireball as a phenomenon is actually not that rare. Basically, it's just a small meteor that flies through the atmosphere at high speed. Air pressure in front of the celestial body creates intense heat which usually causes such objects to burn up in the Earth's atmosphere. Many people are not seeing the fireballs as majority usually falls in inhabited areas and above the oceans.

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