Puneesh's father and Shilpa's mother visit Bigg Boss 11 house, watch video

Puneesh's father and Shilpa's mother visit Bigg Boss 11 house, watch video

Puneesh's father and Shilpa's mother visit Bigg Boss 11 house, watch video

Earlier we had reported that Big Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma's ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal will visit the Bigg Boss house to meet Priyank in a "family meet and greet" episode.

Meanwhile, Arshi again slaps Shilpa's doll with her sleepers. He decides to wait outside the parking zone so that Vikas doesn't make Hiten eliminate Hina. But later, Priyank apologises to Luv. X-Contestant Benafsha, who was out of the house, flashed a fire against her and said, 'I do not want to talk to Hina Khan because she just laughs. However, frustrated with defeat, Priyank tells Luv he is nobody to show him. One is Puneesh and Bandgi, second is Luv and Hina. But Akash further went ahead to twist Shilpa's arm and didn't look a bit bothered about her warning and even asked for another kiss. During the ongoing captaincy task, Hina, Luv and Priyank were discussing how to play the game to win the task right after Priyank has been disqualified.

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Hiten tries to reach to the parking spot but Vikas stops him from parking making Hina Khan angrily shout at him as she lost the chance of becoming captain.In his defense, VIkas Gupta tells Luv Tyagi that since Hina stopped his doll, he stopped hers".Angry Hina Khan lashes out at Hiten and calls him "Spineless'. And on the final alarm, Vikas runs towards the parking space, and parks the pram. Vikas and Hiten go to the washroom together. She tells Hiten to remember the message that his wife had sent for him - don't be a follower, be a leader.

He decides to make Arshi the captain of the house with a new plan. She tells them that all are playing well, but advises not to abuse each other.

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Puneesh gets last on the buzzer and Luv gets out of the contendership. While they were in the garden, Shilpa tried to explain things to Akash but he did not listen and kissed her forcefully that really irritated Shilpa and she got upset with him. Even when Shilpa intervenes, Akash gets rude with her. Are Priyank and Luv growing apart? However, Shilpa stops Akash from arguing.

Arshi confronted Hina over Hina and told her, "Vikas mera dost hai, Hiten tumhara".

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Every season of Bigg Boss creates its share of controversies and also gives its viewers a daily dose of entertainment.

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