Same Sex Marriage Has Passed The Final Vote!

Final vote on same sex marriage bill looms

Where we are in the SSM debate

More than 100 MPs had delivered speeches, many emotional, in the lead-up to the final vote with most in support of changes to the Marriage Act.

Not all speeches backed gay marriage, however.

Same-sex marriage will become legal in Australia after a historic bill was passed in the House of Representatives.

The major parties want the legislation passed this week after a majority of Australian's endorsed change in a postal ballot last month. Several amendments being proposed would expand those exemptions, but Dutton and other lawmakers expect all amendments would be rejected.

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The House of Representatives is widely expected to vote to at allow same-sex marriage across the nation.

Government Leader in the House Christopher Pyne apologized to gay marriage supporters in the public gallery who had travelled to Canberra that the issue was not resolved after four hours of debate.

"I'll be supporting the proposed amendments for religious freedoms when they are introduced", he said.

Warren Entsch, a long-term advocate of marriage equality within the conservative government, helped draft the bill and was the first to speak for it in the House on Monday.

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"We have made sure that we have removed any element of discrimination in this bill while ensuring that religious freedoms are protected", he added.

Further debate on amendments delayed the vote until almost 6pm tonight.

Australia's Parliament would legalize gay marriage this week despite some lawmakers' concerns about whether Australian cake makers should have to cater for same-sex weddings, a leading opponent of marriage equality said on Wednesday.

"Australians are sick of excuses and they're sick of delays", Entsch said.

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