Tennis star Eugenie Bouchard's Twitter date still in the game



When Eugenie Bouchard went on a blind date, she was asked by TMZ if they would meet again.

We've come to those conclusions based on the tennis superstar's latest social media post in which she snapped a photo of the two relaxing on a couch together.

Unfortunately for Eugenie, 23, the Patriots completed an awesome comeback to win the game 34-28, and Eugenie stuck to her end of the bargain by going to a game of basketball with John earlier this year.

You might remember Goehrke as the guy who scored a date with Bouchard after winning a bet during this year's NFL Super Bowl in February.

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But the game wasn't over, and Goehrke thought he'd try and turn the cocky tweet in his favour, replying 'If Patriots win we go on a date?'

Long story short, quarterback Tom Brady did what only Tom Brady can and the Pats won 34-28.

Bouchard made good on her deal, and she went to a Brooklyn Nets game with Goehrke soon after. Bouchard even said she would consider a second date.

Potential for a future Hollywood production of this love story for the ages aside (sorry Shakespeare), the odds are still stacked against Goehrke.

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"This year has really been probably my worst year since I've been on tour as a professional", she told the Montreal Gazette last month. We all know how that one turned out.

"She came down (from the hotel) and we met, I gave her a hug and said hi and gave the gift I had brought and then we walked out to the auto and left for the game", he said.

"I'll fly him out (to a tournament), but besides that he has to be the gentleman and, you know, organise a fun date night".

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