UNESCO Recognizes Armenian Kochari Dance as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Neapolitan pizza wins UNESCO status (3)

Italian Naples pizza-making joins UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list

The art of "pizzaiuolo" - which has been handed down for generations in the southern Italian city of Naples - was given the nod by the United Nations cultural body's World Heritage Committee, who met on the South Korean island of Jeju.

Italy had argued that the practice was part of a unique cultural and gastronomic tradition. "Another step towards the protection of Italy's food and wine heritage".

Two million people had signed a petition to support Naples' application, according to Sergio Miccu, head of the Association of Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli - no doubt buoyed by his offer of complimentary pizza if the age-old culinary tradition joined the prestigious list.

"After 250 years of waiting, pizza is humanity's heritage, its intangible heritage".

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The art of Neapolitan pizza making won, a horse-riding game from Iran and Dutch wind mills joined UNESCO's culture list too. "Congratulations to Naples, congratulations!" pizza-maker Enzo Coccia told the BBC.

Tradition holds the Margherita pizza was created in 1889 by a local chef in honour of Queen Margherita, who was visiting the city.

The other is the Marinara, with tomato, garlic, oregano and oil.

"It is a culturally diverse festival" where "knowledge and skills related to the tradition are transmitted through ancient religious manuscripts, oral traditions, historical travelogues and texts produced by eminent historians" said UNESCO's "Intangible Cultural Heritage" website. "But now we must insert the pineapple in the list of crimes against humanity".

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Unesco has also placed six traditions on its urgent safeguarding list, which means they will get support to prevent them disappearing.

UNESCO said globalisation and young people's rejection of traditional heritage had driven the practice "closer to oblivion".

These include a whistled language that developed in Turkey as a way to communicate across steep mountains and rugged topography but is now being threatened by mobile phones.

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