WWE NXT Results (12/6/17)): The Era Of Almas Begins


Bill Pritchard

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Things are about to get interesting around here again as we start the process of crowning a new #1 contender to challenge Andrade Cien Almas for the NXT Title. William Regal announces that there is an opportunity to announce a new number one contender to face Andrade Almas in Philadelphia.

Killian Dain defeated Trent Seven. Regal's announcement and tonight's card as we get right into the action. Roderick Strong and Andrade Almas will not stop him. Subtle interactions between he and his business associate, Zelina Vega. Vega says we're witnessing the beginning of a historic reign.

Almas takes the mic and he thanks Zelina. He says he beat Drew McIntyre. He is a master of Spanglish as he continues to celebrate.

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The injuries to both men were also the reason why Undisputed Era leader Adam Cole wrestled twice in one night (first against Chad Lail and then against Lars Sullivan) during the recent NXT live event show in Bel Air, Maryland. When asked about Roderick Strong, who he'll face in the number one contender's tourney, he says Strong is a hell of a competitor. All Lars cares about is getting his hands on Strong so he can become the NXT Champion. Strong also talks about his family, Lars says he has no family. They face off in two weeks. Trent not a small guy and Dain slams him easily. Seven with punches and chops. We hit the neck crank on Seven for a bit before he kicks Dane in the knee and grabs a DDT. Dain blocks the Seven Star Lariat with a boot. Trent Seven sends Dain off the ropes but Dain is able to hit Seven with a huge cross body. Seven charges at Dain and Dain with a flying cross body for a near fall. Time for a shave. The people you have run through were not Adam Cole. Cole talks about his match with Aleister Black in the qualifying tournament while O'Reilly and Fish reveal they have a tag title shot in a couple weeks as well. Shock the system, indeed. Ohno has to bail out of his own dive to the floor and it's a suicide dive into a tornado DDT to drive Ohno into the ramp. Riott using strikes to get out of trouble and hits a lovely snap suplex. Riott goes for her trademark kick and gets caught by an ankle lock by Deville.

Ruby gets to the ropes but the referee reminds Ruby there are no rope breaks. Sonya takes a powder, so Ruby catches her with a tope suicida.

Backstage, Ember Moon gets interviewed by press members about winning the NXT Women's Title. Sonya with a knee in the corner followed by a snap mare and a running knee to the lower back for a near fall. The punk rock princess elbows her way out and lands a nice STO to even the odds. As they get back in, Sonya kicks Ruby and locks in a triangle choke while Ruby's draped across the bottom rope. Riott doesn't tap, but the official calls for the bell as Riott is visibly near motionless. The Iconic Duo come in to ask a question. They state they're from the "Iconic Times" and state Moon pinned Cross, and not Royce.

We get a look back at their UK Championship Tournament Finals back in January.

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We are told that Pete Dunne will face Tyler Bate for the UK Title in two weeks.

- Vignette for a debuting superstar with spades as the focal point. They shake hands to another pop. Lock up and Ohno simply dumps Gargano.

We are back and Ohno kicks Gargano in the corner. Mat wrestling early on as each creatively go in and out of holds. Arm wringer reversal by Gargano into a drop kick. Side kick by Johnny. Gargano looks for his slingshot spear, but Ohno has done some scouting. Ruby with an elbow and she goes to the apron for a shoulder to the midsection.

Dueling chant as we return and the Duke-clad Ohno is in control. Gargano tries to fight back so Ohno kicks him square in the jaw for two instead. We've entered the bludgeoning portion of the match as Ohno lands shot after shot. Ohno gets a near fall. Gargano with forearms to Ohno but Ohno with a boot to the head and Gargano goes down. Mauro: "What is Johnny Gargano made of???" Gargano with a combo of kicks that send Ohno outside. Ohno grounds him to escape but ends up back in the wristlock. Gargano gets sent to the apron and he goes for his slingshot spear. These guys are LAYING IT IN on their strikes. Ruby with a back elbow to Sonya followed by kicks. Gargano draped across the ropes in a heap, but won't give up. Ohno with a back senton and Gargano goes to the apron. Spinning pump kick from Ohno. Wonderful from those two with Gargano getting the win and advancing in the tournament.

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