Argentine President Says Finding the Submarine is a Priority

Last week, Argentinian Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi announced that the country ended the rescue operation for the crew of the missing ARA San Juan submarine, but would continue the search for the underwater craft.

It is worth Recalling, a submarine of the Navy of Argentina "San Juan" has ceased to leave on communication 15 November.

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Officials lost contact with the ARA San Juan submarine and its 44-member crew on November 15 following a suspected explosion. On Board were 40 people, including the first ever female submariners.

'They are not emergency calls, ' Balbi said after specifying that the last communication was a voice contact through satellite telephony in which it reported that it was in immersion, in periscope plane, with no new personnel, heading to Mar del Plata, at a speed of 15 knots and its intention was to go deep to inspect the fault and report to its superior command.

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Specialists of the Russian Navy have resumed their work in the designated areas of searching for the San Juan submarine of the Argentine Navy after improving hydrometeorological conditions, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Thursday. "We do not have any set terms [to stop the search], we need to be patient and allow Yantar and its high-sensitivity sensors search for the submarine", Balbi pointed out.

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