As Bitcoin Soars, Prices Diverge Wildly Across Exchanges

Bitcoins Expected Downfall

Bitcoin crosses $12000 mark, now at $13033

It struck a record-high $15,075.02 at 1005 GMT, according to Bloomberg.

A spokesman for Coinbase said price movements as high as 20% within a few hours aren't uncommon for digital currencies, and that price fluctuations on other exchanges were similar in magnitude.

However, amid the latest surge, price moves vary considerably between different exchanges.

The magazine pointed out however that at the current moment, Bitcoin's pricing chart "looks like a classic bubble before the crash".

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"Bitcoin now seems like a charging train with no brakes", said Shane Chanel, from Sydney-based ASR Wealth Advisers. At 12:02 p.m. NY time, the cryptocurrency traded at $16,260.01.

But he warned: "Once the hype slows down, we will most certainly see some sort of correction". In addition, experts now believe that the U.S. market is not ready to deal with bitcoin options and futures yet.

Bitcoin is to be offered on the CBOE Futures Exchange from this weekend and on the world's biggest futures venue, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), from December 18.

Prices on Bittrex are trading at a similar level, although customers on that exchange say they're having problems withdrawing money back into their accounts.

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Transactions happen when heavily encrypted codes are passed across a computer network.

But it has also suffered controversies. There is an agreed limit of 21 million bitcoins, therefore if they keep being created at the same rate, the limit should be reached by about the year 2140, so we still have quite a way to go yet.

From a currency associated with terrorism and illegal activities to developing into a "mass frenzy", Bitcoin's value has surpassed all expectations and many bears have turned into bulls now.

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