Asian leaders slam Trump's OK of Jerusalem as Israel capital

Indonesian President Condemns Trump's Jerusalem Declaration

Indonesian president to attend Islamic leaders' summit on Jerusalem: minister

"Make it clear that we strongly oppose any recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital for all time".

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967. "By God's willing the president would be there", the minister said during the 10th Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) held in a western Jakarta convention center.

Wearing a traditional Palestinian scarf while delivering the speech, Retno emphasized that Indonesia and its people would always be committed to the Palestinian people. "Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not a recognition of the reality on the ground; it is an expression of support for Israeli policy, much of which is in contravention of global law".

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Malaysia's Foreign Ministry released a statement urging the reconsider its decision, citing Jerusalem's large Arab population.

Pakistan also chimed in, releasing a statement from the prime minister's office saying, "It is deeply regrettable that pleas from states across the globe not to alter the legal and historical status of Al-Quds Al Sharif have been ignored, more out of choice than necessity", using the Arabic name for Jerusalem.

"Tunisia in this respect reiterated its strong position to support Palestine to have its own independent state", he said.

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"This can rock global security and stability", he said.

Trump announced his administration would begin a process of moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a step expected to take years and one that his predecessors opted not to take to avoid inflaming tensions.

Indonesia is a relentless supporter to Palestine, repeatedly called for the two-state solution that allows the two states of Palestine and Israel to live together side by side in peace and harmony, Marsudi said.

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