DUP leader says just as firm as Irish government on Brexit

DUP leader says just as firm as Irish government on Brexit

DUP leader says just as firm as Irish government on Brexit

On Monday, the DUP - whose support Prime Minister Theresa May needs to win key votes at Westminster - objected to draft plans drawn up by the United Kingdom and the EU.

The government says it is "optimistic" about an Irish border agreement as pressure mounts to find a Brexit deal.

But it is understood Mrs Foster has no immediate plans to fly to London for talks with Mrs May and any such move would depend on progress in negotiations between the DUP and the Government in London.

He was commenting on reports that a clarification line could be added to the text of the agreement that would allow the Brexit talks to move to phase two. Everyone recognises that there are special circumstances that apply in Northern Ireland and that everything must be done to avoid a return to the borders of the past, but the deal that was on the table earlier this week was a failure of logic, diplomacy, and political common sense.

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European Union leaders meet in Brussels next Thursday and are likely to endorse the assessment that enough progress has been made on the terms of Britain's financial settlement, the status of Irish borders and the rights of citizens hit by Brexit.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the transport secretary said people had misunderstood the key term "regulatory alignment" which has been the focus of the debate.

Juncker repeated that he didn't want Britain to leave the European Union - the first time a member country has ever done so - saying "I will always be sad about this development but now we must start looking for the future". Leo Varadkar said he was happy with a draft agreement including alignment of regulatory regimes on the island of Ireland in the agriculture and energy sectors.

As well as trying to appease the DUP, Dublin and Brussels, Theresa May also needs Conservative MPs to back whatever solution she puts forward.

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Foster said there is "still work to be done in London" after her short telephone call to the prime minister on Wednesday morning over the Irish border issue in the Brexit talks.

The Irish government is clear: it will not accept a hard border.

The committee doubts exit negotiations will be completed by the scheduled departure date of March 2019.

Meanwhile, senior ministers came under attack over their positions on Brexit as Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed the Cabinet had not yet discussed details of the UK's preferred long-term relationship with the EU.

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